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«The First Letters of Christmas is such a special book and an integral ‘must-have’ in the lead up to every family Christmas, bringing so much joy and excitement for years to come. I bought two books for my 3 and 4 year-old goddaughters last year, they absolutely loved their books, everything from the jingle of the reindeer bells on the drawstring bag, to the story and most of all the opportunity to write a letter to Father Christmas and be able to keep a copy forever! I can’t recommend this book enough!» 


The First Letters of Christmas_Friends
The First Letters of Christmas_Friends

«The book is to be put away with the Christmas decorations each year and to be brought out again when the festive season is upon us again creating and enjoying the special ritual of writing the first letters of Christmas.»



«The First Letters of Christmas inspires the imagination and nurtures the power of belief which comes naturally to children of all faiths and nationalities, from all over the world… a belief that goes on to inspire children to achieve all they can as they journey through life.»